We were looking for answers

Long before Scout Finch asked her Uncle Jack what a “whore lady” was, children have been putting their parents on the spot with their unfiltered questions. We didn’t have to ask where babies came from.  That information was casually provided through the street lore perpetrated by numerous youthful individuals in our neighborhood, all of whom … Continue reading We were looking for answers


Wood: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

He's only five and a half pounds but he casts a big shadow.  Myles enjoys a morning walk down the dock to the water.  He stops occasionally to sniff the breeze and look around the quiet space on the cove that touches our back yard.  For Cee's Fun Foto Challenge, Week 3.  #CFFC

Are YOU talkin’ to me?

As the summer temps rise, so do tempers.  Now get off the phone and listen to me. Temperatures were already at 90 degrees this morning as my dog and I squeezed in a short walk before the carpet cleaner arrived.  My dog is 16 years old, barely over five pounds, healthy but frail. In the … Continue reading Are YOU talkin’ to me?

Misters, Sisters and The Sinister Workplace

I was just 16 when I was hired as a part time clerical worker at the offices of a national correspondence school.  I worked in a department called “collections” where rows of desks, occupied exclusively by young men using painfully unimaginative aliases (Mr. Brian, Mr. Richards, Mr. Walters) collected delinquent monthly tuition payments from our … Continue reading Misters, Sisters and The Sinister Workplace

Breastplate of Curses

Our free hours were spent outside, in the neighborhood, on the streets of our block, where our mother could easily spot us from the second floor window where she clipped the laundry on a clothesline to dry, the squeak of the wheel that made it possible to rotate the rope nearly as loud as Stewy’s … Continue reading Breastplate of Curses

Textures – Waites Wharf

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/textures/ Newport, Rhode Island. August 5, 2017 After the early rain, the day remained cool and the activity on the water in Newport was nearly nonexistent.  By 8 p.m.  the shimmer of the water and the soft colors of the sunset from our position on Waites Wharf was too moving to resist.  It was a … Continue reading Textures – Waites Wharf

Textures – Trustom Pond

July 2017 https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/textures/ Every summer, Trustom Pond nearly explodes with water lilies.  The wildlife refuge is actually a closed lagoon in South Kingstown, and is one of nine coastal lagoons in southern Rhode Island. The brilliant white flowers sit serenely on the glassy water, unencumbered nature. On a typical day, visitors can actually spot frogs … Continue reading Textures – Trustom Pond

Teen Supreme

While most of us were struggling to reverse the curves in our long hair and bodies, she was sporting a new shag haircut that emphasized the natural wave in her dark hair.  She wore it with a confidence only Sandra could have in 8th grade.  I was new to the school but we connected early … Continue reading Teen Supreme